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Ballerinas in the Snow

How do ballerinas
Fare in the snow
How do you write a love song
So everyone will know
How do violins
Play a rocking tune
How does April feel
Halfway through June

How do we dare
Send our children out to play
How do we find the courage
To kneel down and pray
How do we pass the ocean
The seas are mighty high
How do we tell the devil
We have other fish to fry

How do we learn to smile
Like Mona Lisa would
How do we learn to lean
Like the Tower of Pisa could
How do we bid farewell
To the ones who brought us here
How do we find them
In the stars or stratosphere

How do ballerinas
Fare in the snow
How do we know when
To hold on and to let go
How do we stand where Jesus stood
When folks stand in our way
How do we turn the dark night
Into a sunny day

Listen to the song here

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