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Nobel Limerick

Honorable Nobel Committee
When you award me for being witty
Don’t share the prize
With three other guys
Or my mother will say, What a pity!

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The Problem With Literature

The problem with literature is, essentially
That a good poem looks a lot like a bad
(Even as a good doctor
Might wear the lab coat of a quack)

Good and bad poems share that same
Monochrome mess of letters
Strewn across the page
At times

With rhymes
(Though, with The New Yorker, that’s a corker)
But, really, there is no way to tell
Except by reading.

Some poems have line breaks
As sensible as shoes
Some                           have
Not                                e.e.

Still, that might be a modern poem
(Even as a hipster chef
Might wear the jacket of a hot-dog vendor)
And it could be one darling of a poem

But you can’t know for sure
Until you have read it
And by then,
Like swallowing a bad oyster,

It’s too late.
Unlike oysters, however,
You can return to that same poem
Decades later only to realize

That you — yes, you!
Are no longer the same
And that’s why we need
The problem with literature.

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