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Nobel Limerick

Honorable Nobel Committee
When you award me for being witty
Don’t share the prize
With three other guys
Or my mother will say, What a pity!

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Limerick of Grass

There was a writer named Günter Grass
Who knew all about der, die und das
His ethics and morals
Won prices and laurels
As he spent a lifetime rewriting his past.

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Thanksgiving Limerick

The Europeans followed Hernán Cortés
And made a new world of freedom and show biz
Oh, that sweet American thing
Where thanks we give and bring
And remind turkeys of La Révolution Française

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Three Limericks

There was a man who never said Oops
They called him Putin the Russ
He ordered Quiche Lorraine
Then said to Ukraine
Move your border away from our troops

There was a man, Putin of Leningrad
Who read a newspaper want ad
He became maître d’
At The Cagey Bee
Serving Pie in the sky a la Vlad

There was a man named Vladimir
A cutting-edge buccaneer
With his new Putin app
He’d take a face or map
And make the lines disappear

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